Herbs, Teas, and Seeds Delivered Every Month!

Easy to order

Whether you want to pay month to month, or for a full year, it is easy to get started! 

Always on time

We always ship our boxes on the 15th of each month, so you will never have to wonder when yours is being sent!

Fits any budget

Traditionally, if you were to pay for all of the seeds, herbs, teas, and learning materials provided, within a year you would easily pay $3,000 a year. We minimize our margins in order to give you the best deal possible! If you wanted to pay for the entire year up front, it would only cost you $255! Even paying month to month only costs $28 a month.

Be a healthier you

Our motto is Be Healthy, Be Beautiful, Be Natural! We want to give you the ability and knowledge to safely use new herbs every month, and show you how to grow them if you so choose. We will have both culinary herbs, as well as herbs that have traditionally be used medicinally.

What is the Herbal Learning Box?

The herbal learning box is just what it sounds like. Every month we will send you 2-4 ounces of that month's herb, and that month's tea blend. Most months you will also receive a seed packet of that month's herb. If seeds from that month's herb are unavailable you will receive seeds from a different herb. There will be a monthly magazine included every month as well. The magazine will feature a detailed Materia Medica which will give information such as the common and Latin names of the herb, contraindications, drug interactions, the constituents of that herb, etc. In many cases we also give dosage information for that herb. The magazine will have 2-3 articles relating to that herb, a recipe or formulation using that herb, allowing you to get some hands on experience, as well a growing guide. The growing guide will instruct you on growing and caring for that month's seeds allowing you to start your own medicinal and culinary herb garden for yourself! 

How It Works

1. Set your preferences

Decide which of our boxes you want. Whether you want just the herb, just the tea, just the seeds, just the magazine, or a combination of all items. No matter which of the other boxes you pick, you will always have the magazine as well. 

2. We curate your box

We source our herbs and teas only from responsible and sustainable sources. We then hand pack and seal every bag and every box so you only get the best! Our owners, who are herbalists, then write up the Materia Medica, and approve all articles before your magazine is printed, assuring you only get the best advice.

3. Enjoy monthly herbs

Enjoy new herbs and teas each month, and learn to grow them yourself!

What's inside the box?

We’re so glad you asked! Depending on which box you get, you will have that month's herb, tea, or seeds plus our monthly magazine.