Teaching people about various herbs is what we do!

We teach you about new herbs each month. From their material medica information, to growing instructions, recipes, and traditional uses and the history of that specific herb.


A little about our mission…

Our goal is to provide high quality herbs and herbal teas cheaper than you can easily find them elsewhere, while also providing you with information on the plant. How to use it, when not to use it, traditional uses, recipes, and how to grow them! On average, our prices for herbs are 30% cheaper than other suppliers!

Meet our team

Jared Young

Co-Owner of Persephone's Herbal, and the person who formulates all of our Kora's Gift skin care line of products.

Christina Young

Co-Owner of Persephone's Herbal. She is also the one who writes our weekly Tea Tuesday articles, and decides on many of our teas.

How it all started

We started caring more and more about what ingredients go into our food and personal care products. We were shocked to see how much people didn't know! Once we realized the general lack of knowledge many people had regarding herbs and their various uses we became concerned. We decided to start Persephone's Herbal to help teach people to understand the world around them just a little better. 

Ready to get started with our Herbal Learning Box?